Welcome to APNEA DYNAMICS, a conglomerate of companies and brands dedicated to serving adventurers of all levels – from curious travelers, beginner swimmers and freedivers to extreme deep divers.

We are based in Panglao, Philippines – the freediving mecca of the world, driven by our passion for the ocean and a commitment to innovation and providing excellent, high-quality products and services. We offer world-class training, cutting-edge equipment, and unforgettable dive and travel experiences. Situated at two iconic landmarks along Napaling Drive, we stand as a beacon for underwater exploration, firmly rooted at Panglao’s renowned Napaling Reef.

In 2019, we opened our flagship, the Freedive Academy Panglao, setting the standard for instructor training courses and long-term freedive development programs worldwide.

At the same time, we have been working on a small base in Shenzhen, China, to extend our global reach, warehousing, and distribution of our online sales and equipment distribution.

Our dedication to innovation took a bold step forward in 2022 with the launch and opening of the Napaling Adventure Center. This groundbreaking project is already revolutionizing the freediving industry, and its development is on track for completion in 2026. It will include a large dedicated office for the crew of APNEA DYNAMICS, as well as residential, hospitality, and retail space.

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Follow us at APNEA DYNAMICS as we embark on a journey of discovery, exploration, and boundless adventure.

Some Facts About Us:

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    +25 full-time team members
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    Trained close to 200 Freediving Instructors
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    Served customers in 65 countries
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    2 prime locations in Panglao and 1 in Shenzhen
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    Developed well over 40 of our own freediving and mermaiding products
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    Offering over 30 tour itineraries
Napaling Adventure Center

Navigating the Tides of Change with Dynamic Solutions.




Dynamically crafting innovative solutions concisely balanced with quality and a people-centric approach.


With an emphasis on human connection fueled by innovation, creativity, and quality, we empower people to thrive.


People-powered innovation and creativity drive dynamic, quality experiences and products.


Quality is woven into innovative, creative solutions fueled by collaborative ingenuity.

Mastering the Dynamics, Riding the Waves of Change.

Freedive Academy Panglao

Our journey began in 2015 as a small freediving center offering direct access to the famed Napaling Reef. Fueled by our dedication to the sport, we blossomed into a world-class instructor training center.

In 2019, a pivotal moment arrived with the opening of our flagship, the Freedive Academy Panglao, in its current location. Today, just a few years later, we stand proud as a global leader in freediving instructor training development.

We’ve established dedicated support hubs to ensure seamless operations and exceptional service. Our Napaling Adventure Center, located a short distance from the academy, houses our customer support, sales, and media teams. Furthermore, to support our online equipment sales and global reach, we’ve expanded with a satellite location in Shenzhen, China, streamlining production, warehousing, and global distribution.

At Freedive Academy Panglao, innovation is in our DNA. The team, the instructors, and everyone involved constantly push the boundaries of freediving education, ensuring we provide our students with the most advanced training available.

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Freedive Academy Training

Where Innovation Meets Dynamics, Success Takes Shape.

Go Deep Freediving

Go Deep Freediving is a company that produces high-quality and affordable freediving equipment designed by experienced freedivers and instructors. Go Deep aims to help freedivers of all levels enjoy the underwater world with comfort, safety, and performance.

Our in-house team of experienced freedivers and instructors meticulously designs and rigorously tests every product in our lineup. This dedication to innovation and testing ensures our customers get high-quality, affordable freediving equipment built to last.

We offer a range of premium equipment, including pure carbon performance freediving bifins, custom-made freediving wetsuits, and unparalleled stability and durability with our innovative freediving center buoys.

We operate with a global perspective. Our engineering, sales, and distribution for the Philippines are centralized at our Napaling Adventure Center, ensuring efficient management within our local community. Meanwhile, our Shenzhen warehouse facilitates fast and affordable shipping worldwide.

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Go Deep Freediving

Shifting Tides, Dynamic Strategies, Unwavering Goals.

Panglao Watersport & Tours

Operated from our Adventure Center, Panglao Watersport & Tours is a gateway to unforgettable island experiences. Our team of passionate experts is dedicated to sharing their love for the crystal-clear waters and stunning landscapes of Panglao and Bohol with visitors from all over the world.

We pride ourselves on being a full-service, high-end tour operator. Our well-trained guides are graduates of our own safety-focused academy, ensuring every adventure is an enriching and unforgettable experience. We believe in transparency – you won’t encounter any hidden fees, have clear, full-service, and fully organized itineraries, and most of our tours are private tours with private guides and instructors for a truly personalized experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a curious first-timer, we offer a variety of water sports activities and tours tailored to diverse interests. Explore the vibrant coral reefs of Napaling, discover the wonders of freediving, or embark on an island-hopping adventure to Balicasag and the Virgin Islands. We also offer stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and land tours that take you deeper into the heart of Bohol, showcasing the iconic Chocolate Hills, the adorable Tarsier sanctuary, and the relaxing Loboc River cruise.

Experience the Difference with Panglao Watersport & Tours. We are guides to a truly unforgettable adventure in paradise.

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Panglao Watersport & Tours

Dynamically Engaging Our Audience, Creating Lasting Impact.

Mermaid Wonderland

Mermaid Wonderland is a place where imagination and the magic of the ocean meet! We believe everyone has the potential to be a mermaid, so we cater to mermaids around the globe!

Our office in Napaling Adventure Center in Panglao serves as the central hub for global sales and customer support. From here, we process all Philippines-based orders. For our international customers, we offer fast and affordable shipping from our warehouse in Shenzhen, China.

Whether you’re a seasoned mermaid or just starting your aquatic adventures, we have everything you need: high-quality tails, comfortable mermaid monofins, mermaid accessories, mermaid-themed gifts, ocean-inspired jewelry, and other ocean-themed treasures to complete your look.

At Mermaid Wonderland, we believe that everyone has the potential to be a mermaid. We’re here to help mermaids worldwide embrace their aquatic spirit and explore the ocean’s wonders, one shimmering tail at a time.

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Where Strategy Meets Agility, Dynamic Success Follows.

Apnea Heroes

For the ocean heroes who hold their breath and chase the blue. Apnea Heroes is a merchandise and apparel brand created by freedivers for freedivers.

Apnea Heroes isn’t just a store; it’s your one-stop shop for everything a freediver’s heart desires. We offer a killer collection of apparel built to withstand the demands of the underwater world. From performance shirts and rash guards to stylish caps and cozy hoodies, we’ve got you covered both in and out of the water.

The design team is located in Panglao. We produce in the US and different parts of Europe and ship often centralized, which results in quick deliveries and overjoyed customers.

We offer a treasure trove of gifts and “cool stuff” to fuel your freediving passion. Find unique keepsakes, motivational tools, and training aids, all curated by divers who understand the allure of the deep.

At Apnea Heroes, we celebrate the freediving community, the thrill of the dive, and the beauty of exploration.

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Apnea Heroes


Supporting Brands and Projects That Help Us Grow!

Freediving Centre.com

The World's Largest Directory & Database of well over 200 Global Freediving Centres.

More Connections

Freedivingcentre.com is a website and app that helps freedivers find registered dive schools worldwide. For us, this database is a tool to connect with dive center owners globally and discover industry trends.

Freediving Jobs.com

The #1 Job site for Job Opportunities in the Freediving Industry

Finding the Right People

FreedivingJobs.com simplifies the hiring process for both employers and job seekers in the exciting world of freediving. Our platform (available as a website and app) acts as a central hub for connecting top talent with open positions. We've successfully used FreedivingJobs.com ourselves to fill roles across almost all our prime APNEA DYNAMICS brands!

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The Future of Freediving is Here

Our passionate team is constantly pushing the boundaries of the freediving and travel experience. APNEA DYNAMICS has exciting new ventures on the horizon!

2024 promises exciting growth for APNEA DYNAMICS – watch this space for groundbreaking new developments!


Our Brands and Businesses all work together in synergy and harmony, fostering a supportive environment where each entity flourishes while contributing to the collective success of the organization.

    We work as one team, seamlessly sharing resources and expertise across all our brands.


    Our brands thrive together – each entity flourishes while contributing to the collective success of APNEA DYNAMICS.


    Ideas and innovations flow freely between our brands, fueling growth and progress.


    Guided by a shared vision, all our brands work towards a common goal: revolutionizing the customer experience.


    From training to tourism, each brand offers its unique strength, creating a comprehensive freediving ecosystem.


    Together, we achieve more. The combined power of our brands propels APNEA DYNAMICS to new heights.

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At APNEA DYNAMICS, in 2024 and beyond, we offer both!

We’re continually seeking talented and hardworking individuals. Whether you’re a certified freediving instructor ready to share your passion, a skilled accountant with a knack for keeping the books balanced, or a dynamic salesperson with a gift for connecting with customers, we want to hear from you!

Here at APNEA DYNAMICS, we believe talent and dedication come from all walks of life. So, tell us why you’re the perfect fit for our team, and don’t hesitate to send in your resume – we’re always open to talking to individuals who share our love for adventure!

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